Summer activities

Summer camps

Once the academic year has finished, students need to change their class routine for enjoyable activities. The Maple Leaf Language Services organizes summer camps which focus on the practice of the English language. Most participants enrol July camps, but it is also possible to attend in June or August.

Users take part in workshps whose objective is to put their knowledge of the English language into practice. That way, children get in touch with people their age by using English as the only communicative tool.

During the summer camps, cultural, communicative, sportive and musical activities are offered, as well as one-day visits to several places of interest.

Irish pub, co Galway, Ireland
Irish pub, co Galway, Ireland

International stays

The best way to use the English language is to put it into practice. The Maple Leaf Language Services counts on the collaboration of agencies which organize international stays for people of all ages. The trips are usually in the summertime, but the service can be requested all year round. There are several destinies: The United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, The United States of Ameria, Canada and so on.

University College Cork, Ireland

Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, USA

The Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Aran Islands, co Clare, Ireland
The Aran Islands, co Clare, Ireland