New! French and German offical exam preparation.

Extra-curricular English

They are classes designed for those students who wish either to improve or to revise the concepts which are taught at the place they study. The teacher commutes to the learning centre, which is more comfortable for parents and children.

Lessons use to be in the evenings, but it is also possible to arrange them in the afternoon. Extra-curricular English is open to people of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.


English in-company

There is an increasing tendency in companies to look for candidates who have a good level of English, which has become the international tool for business communication. The Maple Leaf Language Services offers the possibility to run in-company courses addressed to employers and/or employees, which can be adapted to their level and their needs.


Students who need personalized classes which adapt to their own learning process can ask for the one-to-one service. Classes can be either at school or at the student’s home. There are packs of English lessons which can be used throughout the academic year.

Spanish for non-native speakers

They are classes designed for those individuals who have settled in Spain and they don’t want anything stopping them from communicating. We prepare students to deal with everyday situations and to get ready to study or work in a Spanish evironment.